Deposit – Terms & Conditions

Our Deposit service is on offer to all of our customers in order to secure a garment/s that they would like to purchase due to items selling out fast.

We offer 30 days Interest Free Credit. You put a minimum of 30% down on the item/s and have 4 weeks to pay the balance.  This ensures that the garment/s are yours and cannot be sold to anyone else.  This is not a hold service to secure an item, we offer a hold service which is separate to deposits. This allows an item to be held for a temporary period, typically over night, without any commitment.
Payments can be made during the 4 weeks or at the end.

A deposit is a payment made to Mr & Mrs Mc Ltd. t/a Neola Apparel for a product, by you the consumer, which indicates your intention to buy this product.

You should be clear at the time of paying the deposit what your obligations are & if you are unsure please feel free to request further explanation via email or indeed ask your sales advisor who has been fully trained to deal with any eventualities.

You should also be clear about the duties of the supplier i.e Mr & Mrs Mc Ltd. t/a Neola Apparel

When you pay a deposit for our product, a contract is created between you as a consumer and Mr & Mrs Mc Ltd. t/a Neola Apparel the supplier of the product. This is a formal agreement between us & is enforceable by law, therefore you must fully read & understand the following core terms, which make up this contract:

  • An account will be set up for you which will allow you to place goods on deposit to the value of €500. Therefore you can place more than one item on deposit.
  • If you are in breach of this agreement you do not have to pay any more than the amount of the deposit.
  • Deposits are non refundable –i.e. the value of deposit will be used to compensate Mr & Mrs Mc Ltd. t/a Neola Apparel for costs incurred for you not fulfilling your obligation to this agreement or indeed to compensate for the loss to Neola of having forgone other sales of those items.
  • If you change your mind within 2 weeks, you have the option to receive a Credit note to the value of the deposit paid or the option to exchange. This does not apply to eveningwear, hosiery or jewellery.
  • Items on deposit remain the property of Mr & Mrs Mc Ltd. t/a Neola Apparel until final payment.
  • You have 4 weeks to make full & final payment for your item/s. This can be in the form of multiple random payments during those 4 weeks. If full payment is not achieved with in those 4 weeks you loose your deposit.
  • For any Sale period, deposits must be collected 7 days pre-sale or else the product will be put back into stock, with the amount paid lost. This may lead to the fact the deposit period is less than 4 weeks.
  • You may receive reminder phone calls/communications after your 4 weeks has lapsed if there is an outstanding balance due.
  • If Mr & Mrs Mc Ltd. t/a Neola Apparel does not adhere to the terms of the contract you may have a right to ask for your deposit to be returned.
  • Items already placed on deposit will not be affected by any seasonal offers or Sale period.
  • Deposits can be paid on full price merchandise only.
  • The minimum payment accepted must be 30% of the total value of the deposit.